XF7 Gun Lube Review

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The XF7 gun lube is a gun grease formulated for modern weapons like rifles and handguns. It is a waterproof gun grease with corrosion inhibitors. It is non-toxic and does not drip, melt, or run when heated.

The grease can withstand temperatures between -30 degrees F. to 500 degrees F. It is a gun grease that you can use in harsh weather conditions without a problem. 

Besides that, it is used as a lube, and it is capable of protecting the metallic parts of your gun from rust and corrosion even under saltwater or freshwater. It does not evaporate, and because of this, it will stay in place even if you immerse it in boiling freshwater or saltwater. Some greases tend to boil off, wash off or melt off, but not this particular grease. 

It’s just one of those gun greases that do well in just about any weather condition or environment.

This makes it ideal for hunting or target shooting in any weather condition. Many duck hunters that use this product say that they have had great success with it. They have seen that it works well as a corrosion inhibitor, and it lubes well. 

How to use the XF7 gun lube

How to use the XF7 gun lube
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To get the best results with the XF7 gun grease, you need to apply it over a clean and dry metallic surface. In the gun world, it is common knowledge that you need first to clean your gun and dry it properly before lubing it. 

You can wash your gun with soap and water or use a gun cleaning solvent to clean your gun before lubing it with the XF7 gun lube. 

You only need to use a small amount of the gun grease. A few drops are more than enough. Use a cleaning patch or a clean cloth to wipe down your gun with the lube, and make sure to remove any excess grease.

If you want to use it to lube the barrel of your gun, use a patch that is lightly coated with the gun grease. And before doing that, make sure the bore of your gun is clean

If you need to remove the XF7 grease from the metallic parts of your gun, you can do that with soap and water. 


The XF7 gun lube has been seen to work well on AR-15, M16, and M4 rifles, and many Remington, Winchester, and Beretta models, among other weapon systems. 

The grease does not contain Teflon
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The grease does not contain Teflon, so if it burns off, it will not create hydrofluoric acid as greases with Teflon do. 

You can also use the gun grease on tools and tactical knives. It’s also safe on O-rings, polymers, rubber, and plastics. 


  • 100% waterproof
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors
  • Lubes effectively
  • Provides long-term protection of -30 to 500 degrees F. 
  • It does not melt, drip, or run when heated
  • Can withstand harsh conditions
  • Ideal for numerous types of rifles, handguns, and other weapon systems
  • Ideal for knives and tools
  • Safe on plastic, O-rings, and polymers
  • It does not damage the finish of a gun
  • Non-toxic 
  • Cleans off easily


  • Slight expensive than many gun oils

Wrapping Up

The XF7 is a gun grease that many firearm owners have found success with
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The XF7 is a gun grease that many firearm owners have found success with. It is waterproof and stays in place even when immersed underwater. It offers long-term protection against rust and corrosion, and it does well in harsh conditions. 

Some gun owners prefer to use gun grease over gun oil for lubing. Both work well, but gun grease does a better job protecting your firearm from corrosion because it stays in place longer than gun oil. 

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