What Do I Need for a Gun Cleaning Kit?

The article “What Do I Need for a Gun Cleaning Kit?” by Victor Spratt, published on November 18, 2021, emphasizes the importance of proper gun maintenance for optimal performance and longevity. The author explains that regular cleaning and lubrication of firearms are crucial to prevent malfunctions and injuries. A gun cleaning kit is an essential set of tools for firearm owners to keep their weapons in prime condition.

The article provides a comprehensive list of supplies typically found in a gun cleaning kit. These include:

  1. Cleaning Rod: Essential for removing dirt, grime, and carbon buildup from a gun’s barrel. Brass rods are popular due to their softness and safety for the barrel’s interior. Carbon fiber rods are an alternative as they don’t produce false bluing. Bore snakes are also mentioned as a flexible and safe option for cleaning the bore.
  2. Gun Cleaning Brush: These brushes, available in nylon or bronze, are used for loosening and removing fouling in hard-to-reach areas of the gun.
  3. Gun Cleaning Jag: Useful for cleaning the barrel, these jags come mainly in brass or nickel-plated varieties.
  4. Gun Cleaning Solvent: Included in most reputable cleaning kits, solvents are vital for cleaning out various residues.
  5. Gun Lubricant: An important component for protecting the firearm from rust and corrosion after cleaning. Some lubricants also serve as cleaners and preservatives.
  6. Degreaser: Used for removing oil, dirt, and grime from the moving parts of the firearm.
  7. Protectant: A preservative that adds a layer of protection against moisture.
  8. Cleaning Patches: Made of cotton and available in various sizes, these patches are essential for cleaning and lubricating the gun.

The article advises considering the type of gun owned when choosing a cleaning kit, as different calibers require different tools. It also stresses the importance of tool quality, suggesting reading customer reviews for online purchases, and recommends opting for a kit with a warranty.

In conclusion, the author underscores the usefulness of having a comprehensive gun cleaning kit for firearm maintenance, highlighting the need for due diligence when selecting a kit to ensure it meets the owner’s specific needs.

Cleaning Rod

Cleaning Rod
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A cleaning rod is essential as it helps remove dirt, grime, and carbon buildup inside a gun’s barrel. Most cleaning rods are made of brass because it’s soft and, therefore, will not damage the inside of your gun’s barrel. 

You do not want to use a cleaning rod made of hard metal because it can scratch or dent your gun’s bore. 

Another great alternative is a carbon fiber rod. They may be slightly more expensive than brass rods, but unlike their counterparts, they don’t produce false bluing, which can lead to overcleaning the barrel. 

You can choose to buy a bore snake instead of a cleaning rod. Bore snakes are also great at removing dirt and powder residue in a gun’s bore. They are flexible, durable, and they don’t scratch or cause any damage

Gun Cleaning Brush

Gun Cleaning Brush
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A gun cleaning brush is a small handy tool that can reach those tight areas in your gun to remove fouling buildup. You can choose between a nylon brush or a bronze brush; both do a good job at loosening fouling.

Some people prefer to use a bronze brush to loosen carbon fouling and a nylon brush to remove the loosened fouling. It all depends on how dirty your firearm is. You could check what type of brush is in the kit before buying if you want a specific type. 

Gun Cleaning Jag

A gun cleaning jag is essential when you need to clean the inside of a gun’s barrel. There are two types of cleaning jags: brass jags and nickel-plated jags.

Both jags are durable and flexible, and they are mainly used for brushing, cleaning, and lubricating a gun’s bore. 

Gun Cleaning Solvent

Gun Cleaning Solvent
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If you are buying a gun cleaning kit from a reputable brand, it is likely to come with the cleaning solvent formulated by the brand. The solvent is important for cleaning out dirt, grime, and carbon fouling

Gun Lubricant

Most gun cleaning kits come with a lubricant which is essential when gun cleaning. The lube protects the firearm from rust and corrosion, and it’s usually applied once the gun is cleaned. 

Some lubricants in the market serve as cleaners, lubricants, and preservatives. They are quite economical because you don’t need to buy a cleaning solvent or a preservative. 


A degreaser is used for removing any existing oil, dirt, and grime from the moving parts of a firearm. It quickly dissolves all carbon fouling, dirt, grime, and oil, after which you should use a lubricant to protect the parts from rust and corrosion.  


It is important to have a gun preservative as it adds a layer of protection against moisture. Some kits don’t come with a preservative; therefore, it is important to check if the kit you want to buy includes a protectant. 

Cleaning Patches

Cleaning patches is a must-have when cleaning and lubricating a gun. Most kits come with several patches, but you can also buy them separately when you need more. The patches are made of cotton, and they come in varying sizes

What to consider when buying a gun cleaning kit

gun cleaning kit
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The type of gun you own

When choosing a gun cleaning kit, you need to consider the caliber of your gun or guns. There are universal kits that come with gun cleaning accessories that fit different calibers, which are ideal for gun owners who own multiple firearms. 

Tool quality

If you are purchasing a gun cleaning kit online, it can be difficult to tell if the tools inside are high quality. In this aspect, it is best first to read customer reviews when comparing kits to make a sound decision. 


Buy a gun cleaning kit that comes with a warranty if you need to return it owing to one issue or the other. Or if you don’t like the kit. 

Final Remarks

If you own a firearm or a collection of firearms, it is helpful to have a gun cleaning kit that contains all the tools you need to maintain your firearm. No one kit is the same. There are all different in one aspect or the other; therefore, it is up to you to do your due diligence before purchasing one. 

What do i need for a gun cleaning kit

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