Tipton Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod Review

Tipton Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod Review 300

Gun cleaning rods play a huge role in helping maintain a firearm. They are designed to clean the inside of a gun’s barrel, and they are available in varying materials and sizes.  

The Tipton cleaning rod is made of carbon fiber, and there is a considerable advantage to this when you compare it to gun cleaning rods made out of steel. Although steel cleaning rods are incredibly good at removing fouling and dirt, they are not good at picking out abrasive particles. 

Another problem with steel rods is that they can scratch your gun’s bore if used carelessly, and they have a propensity to bend, again, if not used properly.

 This is not a problem you are likely to face with carbon fiber gun cleaning rods. They don’t scratch a gun’s bore, and they flex back to their original straightness even when you bend them to an extreme degree.

Tipton gun cleaning rod features

Tipton carbon fiber cleaning rod has amassed a huge fan base because they clean a firearm’s bore effectively without damaging or scratching it.

 The rod is called deluxe because of the way it’s designed and the materials used. 

It features an ergonomic handle, two high-quality sets of ball bearings, and a carbon fiber shaft. It also has a hanging hole for easy storage. 

features an ergonomic handle
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The handle spins on the two ball bearings, and the bearings roll effortlessly, allowing cleaning brushes and patches to be well-aligned and connected to the bore rifling. The bearing balls are designed to withstand pressure, and they make cleaning smooth, easy, and accurate

The carbon shaft does not embed particles and, therefore, will not damage the rifling. It is flexible but stiff enough to be used with ease. It is robust, sturdy, and durable.  

The rod comes in five different sizes: 12, 26, 36, 40, and 44 inches that vary in price depending on the size. Generally, Tipton cleaning rods are affordable; however, since they are made of carbon fiber, they are much more expensive than models made of aluminum and brass. But of course, they offer a greater advantage in that they don’t scratch or damage a gun’s bore. 

You can choose to buy the rod separately or in a kit. Tipton offers gun cleaning kits that come with all the gun cleaning equipment you need, including a cleaning rod. If you choose to buy the cleaning rod alone, you will need to purchase the cleaning attachments, that is, the brush and bore swab, since they don’t come with the rod. 

The handle spins on the two ball bearings
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The rod comes in a plastic storage tube with removable rubber end caps, and one cup has an eyelet to hang it up. 


  • Ergonomically designed handle 
  • Two sturdy ball bearings
  • Carbon fiber shaft that does embed particles that could damage your gun’s bore
  • Durable, sturdy, and lightweight
  • Available in five different sizes
  • Fairly affordable
  • Flexible carbon shaft that doesn’t bend permanently
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • No metal on metal sound when cleaning


  • It is slightly more expensive than brass and aluminum rods
  • It takes up quite a bit of storage space

Commonly asked questions 

Can a cleaning rod damage a gun’s bore?

It all depends on the material the cleaning rod is made of. Steel cleaning rods are not considered the best for gun cleaning because they can damage the rifling. Given that the bore is made of metal, a metal cleaning rod can lead to scratching and other damage due to the metal-to-metal contact. 

Carbon fiber cleaning rods are the most preferred because they don’t damage the rifling, plus they are flexible. Aluminum and brass rods are also not a great choice for cleaning your firearm because they collect steel fragments, which also don’t help. 

Which is better? A cleaning rod or a bore snake?

Some shooters say cleaning rods are better than bore snakes, while some shooters say the opposite. Both cleaning tools are great; however, bore snakes take up less space than cleaning rods, and they clean more quickly. 

Cleaning rods are great for deep cleaning, while bore snakes are ideal for quick cleaning. 

Can a bore snake damage a gun’s bore?

Bore snakes cannot damage a gun’s bore. You can use them to clean your gun before and after firing it, and they are pretty helpful at removing fouling.

Should you oil gun’s barrel?

Like every part of your gun, you should oil the barrel. This will not only protect it from rust and corrosion, but it will also help extend its life

Shooters are advised to clean and lubricate their firearms before storage to prevent corrosion and increase their reliability and longevity. 

How often should you gun?

Expert shooters recommend you clean your gun as regularly as you use it to prevent fouling buildup. When you clean it immediately after using it, this can avoid carbon and dirt buildup, and it can also extend the life of your gun. 

But if you use your gun regularly without cleaning it, this will affect its performance and shorten its life. Good and proper maintenance of your firearm will give you years of use and help maintain its performance. 

It also helps if you do some deep cleaning occasionally, as this will require you to disassemble the firearm to see if all the components are in good condition. It is also important to always lubricate your firearm after cleaning it and before storing it to protect it from rust and corrosion and to maintain its performance.  

good clean can remove the rust

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If you notice that some components are rusty, a good clean can remove the rust. However, if you notice damage to any of the components, you should replace them immediately.

Always put your safety first when handling guns, and never use a firearm with rusted or damaged parts. 

Wrapping up

If you are looking to buy a cleaning rod, get one that will not damage your gun’s barrel. Carbon fiber cleaning rods do a good job at removing dirt and fouling without scratching or damaging the rifling. 

You can choose to go with a bore snake instead, but they are not a great option if you plan on doing some deep cleaning. Besides, carbon fiber cleaning rods are flexible, easy to use, effective, and safe. 

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