Ruger 556 Gun Lube Review

Ruger 556 Gun Lube Review 300

If you own an AR-15 rifle, you need to clean and lube it regularly to keep it functioning properly and well-maintained. But the big question is, what parts of your AR-15 need lubrication

Generally, the bolt system is the only part of your AR-15 rifle that requires regular lubrication. Other parts can be lightly lubed, like the charging handle and bore, but they don’t need regular lubrication. 

Generally, to clean and lube your AR-15 rifle, you need a quality gun lube that removes dirt and carbon fouling easily and lubes well. You can choose to get a cleaner and a lube separately, but you can also get a gun lube that functions as a cleaner, lubricant, and protectant

It’s all up to you; what is important is to get a good lube that will do a good job of removing dirt and powder residue and provide protection against rust and corrosion.

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You could choose to go with gun grease, gun lube oil, or dry lube. It all depends on the environment. Each of them has certain pros and cons. 

Gun lube oils do a great job at removing dirt and carbon fouling, and they also protect against rust and corrosion. Quality gun lube oils don’t evaporate, run or melt; they are not messy or greasy, and they can withstand high and low temperatures. 

Gun greases are thicker than gun lube oils, and they are ideal for lubing, particularly the exterior metallic parts of a rifle that are exposed to the elements. They help reduce friction and keep the moving parts of a gun working smoothly. However, they don’t work well as cleaners because they have a thick consistency, and they are not the best for lubing in extremely cold temperatures. 

Dry lubes are ideal for extremely dry conditions, but they don’t do much to reduce friction as gun lube oils and gun greases. 

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It’s worth mentioning that some people use motor oil to lube their rifles. Synthetic motor oil will lube well and help reduce friction. But it does not do a good job at providing protection against rust and corrosion. Some gun experts, in fact, say that it would not be wise to use motor oil on guns at all. 


Whether you are using gun lube oil or grease to lube your AR-15, it’s never a good idea to use too much of it, as this can cause malfunction issues. It also can attract and hold debris and dirt when shooting. 

Instead, use a small amount, particularly when lubing. You can use a large amount when cleaning if you are dealing with stubborn carbon fouling, but for lubing, keep it at a minimum

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Also, make sure to always clean your gun before lubing it to avoid dirt and carbon fouling buildup. 

Final Remarks

It is important to clean and lube your AR-15 rifle to keep it in good working condition, and extend its life. Whether you use a gun lube or grease, it is up to you. Just make sure you know the pros and cons of each. 

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