Best Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Best Shotgun Cleaning Kit

The way you clean a shotgun is not the same way you would clean a different firearm.

To keep a shotgun in good working order and to increase its longevity, you need to clean it as often as you use it.

To do that, you need a cleaning kit that has all the necessary tools to remove crud and dirt buildup that may cause your gun to malfunction.

New gun owners may not know this, but when you use your shotgun regularly never taking the time to clean it, the dirt and fouling can affect its accuracy and its overall performance.

And leave alone that, it can also malfunction potentially putting your safety at risk. It’s for these reasons that gun experts emphasize the need to clean your shotgun as regularly as you use it. And this brings us to the cleaning kit.

The market is saturated with shotgun cleaning kits and knowing which one is the best for your shotgun can be a daunting task.

So we have done the hard work for you and come up with a list of 5 best shotgun cleaning kits you can purchase. We have also discussed what to look for when shopping for a shotgun kit.

Top Pick

Sage & Braker Cleaning Kit

Sage & Braker Cleaning Kit

  • Full Size Bronze Brush
  • Removable Buffing Rope
  • Full 25” Buffing Rope

Shotgun Cleaning Kits Comparison Chart


Sage & Braker Cleaning Kit

Sage & Braker Cleaning KitSize: .338 cal, .340 cal
Rope: Full 25” Buffing Rope

Cleaner & Lubricant: No
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Real Avid AVGCK310-S

Real Avid AVGCK310-SSize: 12 Gauge, 20 Gauge
Rod: 7 Section Rod With Swivel Tip
Cleaner & Lubricant: No
Check Price

Hoppe’s SGO12B Clamshell

Hoppe's SGO12B ClamshellSize: 12 Gauge
Rod: 1 Aluminum Rod
Cleaner & Lubricant: Yes
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Remington Solar 17186 Squeeg-E

Remington Solar 17186 Squeeg-ESize: .38/9mm/.357cal pistol
Rod: 4 Brass Rods
Cleaner & Lubricant: Yes
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SPIKA Compact Cleaning Kit

SPIKA Compact Cleaning KitSize: 12 Gauge
Rod: 4 Stainless Steel Rods
Cleaner & Lubricant: No
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5 Best Shotgun Cleaning Kits (as of July, 2024):

1. Sage & Braker Shotgun Cleaning Kit Review

Sage & Braker Cleaning Kit

This is one of the simplest and most basic shotgun cleaning kit you can buy.

The Sage & Braker Cleaning Kit comes with a bronze brush and a 25-inch buffing rope.

This kit does not come with a cleaning rod.

You need to attach the brush to the rope and pull it through the bore of the gun to get rid of dirt and crud.

You can add your favorite gun lube at the end of the rope to lubricate the bore after removing the dirt.

The rope is made of high-quality materials and it’s well-woven to prevent fraying. It’s pretty thick and this is to give your barrel a good clean.

You don’t need to pull the rope through the barrel twice. Once is enough to clean and lube your bore. The rope is detachable. So you can attach and detach the brush quickly and easily.

The brush and the bristles are constructed with bronze. So you are assured that the quality of the brush is supreme but above all else, it can do a good job at removing dirt and fouling.

Sage & Braker Cleaning Kit Review, Pros and Cons

This product is great when you are on the go and for gun owners who prefer to only spend a couple of minutes cleaning their shotgun. It’s one of the easiest gun cleaning kits to use.

It is affordable and does a great job keeping your shotgun in good condition.

Main Features

  • Ideal For Cleaning Different Types of Guns
  • Time Saver 15 Seconds
  • Full Size Bronze Brush
  • Removable Buffing Rope
  • Full 25” Buffing Rope
  • Stamped Brass Weight
  • Portable & Lightweight
  • Canvas Bag


  • Comes with a detachable 25-inch buffing rope made of high-quality materials
  • Bronze brush with bronze bristles for a thorough cleanup
  • Easy to use
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Extremely affordable


  • It does not come with utility brushes
  • No picks or punches

2. Real Avid AVGCK310-S Shotgun Cleaning Kit Review

Real Avid AVGCK310-S

Real Avid AVGCK310-S shotgun cleaning kit is great for people who do not want to spend too much money on a kit.

The kit features seven cleaning rods that have swivel tips you can connect to a t-handle.

Now, when all the rods are screwed together into one single rod, the entire length of the rod reaches 33 inches.

The advantage of this that you can clean a shotgun that has a long barrel, but it also poses a flex problem. All the connecting points make the rod less rigid.

Another setback is that it takes time to connect all the rods together when you need to clean a long barrel.

The kit also consists of 12 gauge and 20 gauge brushes and mops to scrub and wipe your bore clean. There is also a slotted tip and 50 cleaning patches.

And all these cleaning tools come packed in a compact carrying case that is durable and weatherproof.

Real Avid AVGCK310-S Review, Pros and Cons

Main Features

  • 7 Section Rod With Swivel Tip
  • T-handle
  • Rod Reaches 33 inches
  • 12ga & 20ga Shotgun Mops & Brushes
  • Large Slotted Tip
  • 50 Cleaning Patches
  • Thread Adapter
  • Compact & Extremely Portable
  • Weather-Resistantravel Nylon Case


  • Seven cleaning rods that you can thread together to get a 33-inch single piece rod
  • 12 gauge and 20 gauge mops and brushes
  • Durable and portable carrying case that’s weatherproof
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Easy to use tools


  • When the seven cleaning rods are threaded together they create a flimsy one-piece rod

3. Hoppe’s SGO12B Clamshell Shotgun Cleaning Kit Review

Hoppe’s SGO12B Clamshell

If you own a 12 gauge, the best way to keep it in good condition is by cleaning it with Hoppe’s SGO12B Clamshell cleaning kit.

Hoppe’s has an outstanding reputation for making supreme bore snakes, cleaning rods, gun lubes, and other gun cleaning tools.

So you cannot go wrong with a Hoppe’s product.

And when you buy this product, although the packaging is not very attractive, you’ll find almost every tool you need to clean your shotgun. The kit comes with a cleaning rod that is made of aluminum, a bottle of cleaning solvent, gun lube, and brush.

The brush is going to help you get rid of dirt and fouling. It has enough bristles to do an excellent job, but you can always choose to buy an additional brush to interchange with.

Hoppe's SGO12B Clamshell Review, Pros and Cons

After a couple of uses, brushes tend to wear and tear. And since this kit only comes with one brush, we recommend buying an extra brush as a backup.

The solvent helps loosen up the dirt, but you need to get a clean cloth or cleaning patches to wipe down your gun once you apply the solvent.

This kit does not come with cleaning patches, so you need to buy them separately.

The lube is great as it is going to keep the moveable parts of your shotgun working optimally. Many kits don’t come with a lubricant, so it’s great to see that Hoppe’s has added this essential product in this kit.

You can choose to upgrade your shotgun cleaning kit to get one that has more tools. But this is a great starter kit if you own a 12 gauge. It is affordable. The tools are durable and easy to use. And it’s a kit you can carry around easily.

Main Features

  • Cleaning Kit With Aluminum Rod
  • Intended For 12-Gauge Shotgun
  • One 4 oz. Bottle Cleaning Solvent
  • One 2-1/4 oz. Lubricating Oil
  • Brush For The Intended Caliber
  • Easy to Use
  • Packaged In Clamshell


  • Comes with a cleaning brush, cleaning rod, solvent, and lubricant
  • Easy to use tools
  • Extremely affordable
  • Compact kit


  • Ideal for only 12-gauge shotguns
  • No patches

4. Remington Solar 17186 Squeeg-E Review

Remington Solar 17186 Squeeg-E

The Remington Solar 17186 Squeeg-E cleaning kit has more to offer than the Hoppe’s Clamshell cleaning kit.

It is a universal cleaning kit which means that it comes with tools that can help you clean shotguns, pistols, rifles and more.

The kit features 4 brass rods, which when threaded together form a 32-inch rod.

The rods have swivel tips where you can attach a  brush for a more thorough clean.

There are 10 squeegees in the kit, and we would like to say that not many kits come with squeegees. Bu this one does.

And on each squeegee there are markings that indicate what caliber it’s suited for. So you know exactly what squeegee to use on what caliber.

Remington Solar 17186 Squeeg-E Review, Pros and Cons

So Remington has gone the extra mile and added a tool to their cleaning kit that you can’t find in many similar kits. And that’s a huge plus point because with a squeegee you don’t need patches.

To remove all the dirt and debris, you may need to use several patches to ensure that your barrel is completely clean.

But with a squeegee you can remove dirt and debris in a single pass. Then wash off the debris from the squeegee. So they are reusable and you don’t need to keep buying new ones as you would with patches.

Other tools in the kit include ten bronze brushes and 2 large brushes to help you get rid of crud and other contaminants. There is also a cleaning cloth, solvent cleaner, and a lubricant.

Not many kits come with cleaning solvents and lubricants, not even the ones that come with multiple tools. So this kit does provide you with everything you need to clean your gun.

One major issue you might have is with the rods. To clean a rifle or shotgun or any other gun with a long barrel, you have to screw the rods together to get the length you require.

And that can cause the rod to become flexible, which is the last thing you need.

A rod that is not rigid may touch the sides of your bore causing some damage, which can affect the precision and accuracy of your gun.

So while we do think this kit is great for cleaning pistols and revolvers, for rifles and shotguns we recommend a kit that comes with a long one-piece rod, because of the issue of flexibility.

Other than that, this an excellent kit you can carry to the range. It comes in a compact, weatherproof package that is easy to carry and keeps your tools protected from the elements.

Main Features

  • 4-pc Brass Rod System
  • 3 Attachment Points of Pistol Grip Handle
  • Multiple Brushes & 2 Large Cleaning Brushes
  • 10 Squeegees For Different Caliber
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 oz. Bottle of Rem Oil
  • 5 oz. Bottle of Rem All In Bore Cleaner
  • Modular Thermoform Case
  • Heavy Duty Zippers & 4 Removable Velcro Mounting Pads


  • Multiple brushes to clean different types of firearms
  • 10 squeegees for different caliber guns
  • 2 large cleaning brushes to help you clean those hard to reach places
  • Solvent cleaner and lubricant
  • Cleaning cloth


  • It is expensive
  • 4 cleaning rod piece

5. SPIKA Compact Cleaning Kit Review

SPIKA Compact Cleaning Kit

The Spika Compact Cleaning Kit has almost every cleaning tool you need to keep your 12-gauge in mint condition.

Spika has for years produced gun accessories and it has gained a good reputation for delivering value.

So you can rely on their products to keep your guns in good working condition

The Spika cleaning kit comes with 4 cleaning rods made of stainless steel. And it is designed for cleaning 12-gauge tookies.

Cleaning rods made of stainless steel are great as they are resistant to rust and corrosion. They are also rigid and extremely durable.

So the cleaning rods in this kit can last you a lifetime and that’s value for your money.

Other tools in the kit include a bronze brush, a spring brush, a mop, an adapter, an aluminum handle, a muzzle guard, and a box of patches. All these tools come in a compact carrying case that you can carry around easily.

SPIKA Compact Cleaning Kit Review, Pros and Cons

The two key gun accessories the kit does not come with are a cleaning solvent and lubricant. So you need to buy them separately. The good thing is that they are not expensive.

Although the kit doesn’t have many tools, it is a kit designed for 12-gauge shotguns and it has almost everything you need to clean these types of guns.

Main Features

  • Suitable For 12 Gauge
  • Multiple Combinations of Recycling
  • Three Small Parts
  • Bronze Brush, Cotton Mop & Spring Brush
  • 4 Stainless Steel Rods
  • Box Of Patches
  • Patch Holder & Muzzle Guard
  • Aluminium Handle & Adapter
  • Easy to Carry
  • Compact & Portable Carrying Case


  • Comes with 2 brushes, a box patches, 4 cleaning rods, a mop, and other accessories
  • Comes with an empty to store your favorite gun lube
  • Compact and portable carrying case
  • Ideal for 12-gauge shotguns


  • Limited to 12-gauge shotguns
  • No cleaning solvent or lubricant

Buyer’s Guide

It makes good sense to buy a universal cleaning kit if you own several firearms. May it be rifles, pistols, shotguns, or a collection of all of them.

For the simple reason that many universal kits come with many tools that you can use to clean different types of guns.

If you own only one firearm like a shotgun, buying a universal cleaning kit would be a waste of money. They are expensive, plus you don’t need two or three brushes, or multiple cleaning rods just to clean one gun.

So in a case, it would be more ideal to stick to a simple cleaning kit. If you can get a kit designed for the specific gun caliber you own, that would be more ideal. Ultimately, it all depends on your preference and how much money you want to spend on a kit.

While shotgun cleaning kits don’t vary in size or price, there are certain tools that every kit should have. And these are tools are essential to keeping your gun in excellent working condition. So let’s take a look at them.

Cleaning Rods

A cleaning rod can help you clean your gun barrel quickly and easily. They are very useful if you need to clean a rifle or shotgun.

Now cleaning rods are made of different materials. And these materials include stainless steel, carbon fiber, brass, aluminum, and plastic.

Most gun owners prefer using brass, carbon fiber, and stainless steel cleaning rods because they are rigid and sturdy.

If you choose to go with a stainless steel rod ensure that it’s coated with plastic or other soft material to prevent it from damaging the bore of your gun.

Some kits come with one-piece rods and others come with more than two rods that you need to thread together to get a single full-length rod.

Shotgun Cleaning kits come with more than two rods

Some users prefer one-piece rods because they are more rigid. But it’s really up to you when it comes to what type of cleaning rod you want to buy.

Bore Brush

To get all the dirt and fouling from your shotgun’s bore, you need a bore brush. Bore brushes are designed for different calibers, so they come in varying sizes. And the caliber sizes range from 10 gauge to 20 gauge.

So if you have a 12-gauge tookie, make sure that the kit you are buying has a bore brush for that specific caliber. It would be a waste of money to buy a kit that comes with bore brushes that you cannot use.

Bore Mops

A bore mop helps remove all the dirt from a shotgun’s barrel leaving you with a sparkly clean bore. You just need to attach the mop to your cleaning rod and you are good to go.

Most shotgun bore mops are made of cotton, but you can find some that are made of wool.

Cotton is great because it is a highly absorbent material that can pull out all the crud in your bore. But they are also difficult to clean and after one or two cleans, its best to dispose of the mop.

They are sold in batches and they are not expensive. So there is no need to reuse one. When you use a mop once, get rid of it because after that it is not going to do a good job. 

Some shotgun cleaning kits come don’t come with bore mops.

So if this is a tool you would want, get a cleaning kit that comes with a mop or two, or go to a gun store and buy a pack. You can get a pack with 20+ mops, and that should be adequate for many cleans.

Additional Accessories

To do a detailed cleaning of your shotgun, you need more than just a bore brush, mop, and cleaning rod. You need tools that extra special tools. And these tools include utility brushes, picks, and punches.

A utility brush can help you clean almost every part of your shotgun. It allows you to get rid of fouling or debris that is hard to remove. And these brushes come in varying sizes to help you clean every single part of your shotgun. 

The bristles are made of bronze, steel, or nylon. So if your shotgun has hard to remove crud, you can use a steel or bronze brush to scrub off the crud.

Not everyone needs a utility brush, particularly if you clean your shotgun often. But it wouldn’t hurt to have one.

Picks also help you remove crud, powder fouling, and other dirt in tight places you cannot reach with a utility brush. They are built to last long and they are designed with materials that won’t cause any type of damage.

A punch is ideal when you need to disassemble your shotgun for a more detailed cleaning. It will help you open up your shotgun easily when you need to clean every part and component of the gun.

So these are some of the tools you need to clean every single part of your shotgun. Keep in mind that these accessories add to the cost of a cleaning kit, but they are worth buying.

What You Need to Know About Shotgun Cleaning

Shotgun cleaning needs some knowhow. If you know nothing about cleaning shotguns or even what tools are needed for the cleaning, the first thing you should do is get the information.

So here are a few things you should know about shotgun cleaning.

A Clean Shotgun is an Accurate Shotgun

When you clean your gun, whether its a shotgun, pistol, or rifle, it will function optimally.

A dirty gun or a poorly maintained gun can malfunction. Also, it won’t shoot properly and it can be a safety hazard.

Clean Your Shotgun as Regularly as You Use It

If you use a shotgun regularly for your hunting trips, and you hunt a lot, you also need to clean your gun regularly. Preferably after every use.

The can prevent carbon, lead, and copper buildup as well as dirt build-up that can reduce the accuracy of your shotgun.

Use the Appropriate Tools

If you own a shotgun, don’t go buying cleaning tools or a cleaning kit that is not designed for cleaning shotguns. Stick to tools that are designed to clean your type of gun.

Use the Right Lubricant

If you are new to gun cleaning, one thing you should know is that DIY gun lubes are not ideal for lubricating your gun. There are lubricants designed for guns, so stick with those ones. Also, make sure you buy a lube that is suitable for your type of gun.


Cleaning a shotgun or any other type of gun requires knowhow on how to do it and the right tools.

If you have never cleaned a shotgun before, it’s important you first get information on how it’s done before you do it. You can get step-by-step guidelines online on how to go about it.

You also need to have the proper tools to clean your shotgun. Buying a cleaning kit is cheaper than buying individual cleaning tools. So we hope that the kits we have listed in this review can help you get started.

We do recommend you stick to a budget. Don’t buy an expensive kit if you don’t need it. Also, if you only own one gun, don’t go buying a universal kit as that will be a waste of your money.

Best Shotgun Cleaning Kit

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