How to Clean a Beretta Px4 Storm

 How to Clean a Beretta Px4 Storm

A Beretta Px4 Storm, like any other firearm, requires proper cleaning and maintenance for it to function properly. Whether you shoot your firearm occasionally or regularly, you need to clean it to prevent carbon and dirt build-up, which can cause your gun to malfunction. 

That said, this guide is for new gun owners who don’t have a lot of experience on how to maintain firearms. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Step 1: 

Assemble your cleaning equipment
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Assemble your cleaning equipment. This should include a gun cleaning solvent, gun lube, cleaning rod, a copper/nylon brush, and cleaning patches. If you have a gun cleaning mat, that would be ideal; if not, make sure that your cleaning area is covered with something to avoid damaging the surface of the cleaning area. 

It is also a good idea to wear gloves and eye protection since the gun cleaning solvent may have some chemicals that may irritate your eyes and skin. 

There are plenty of lubricants and cleaners you can use, but you should use gun lube and cleaner that is specifically designed for guns like the Beretta Px4 Storm.

The same goes for cleaning patches. Use patches that are specifically designed for handguns because they are going to do a thorough job. 

Step 2: 

Remove the magazine and push the safety down. Once you do that, physically and visually check the chamber to see that it’s empty. 

Make sure that the gun is unloaded before you start cleaning it, and make sure that there is no ammunition anywhere near the cleaning area.

Step 3:

Remove the slide
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Remove the slide by pulling down the takedown pins on either side of the slide and pushing the slide off. It should come out easily, and you don’t need to pull the trigger as you would with a Glock when removing the slide. 

At this point, you should have the slide and the frame. 

Step 4: 

Disassemble the slide by pushing the cam block slightly forward and then lift it. Then pull out the recoil spring and the guide rod. Note that the narrow end of the rod is what goes back into the cam block when reassembling your gun. 

Then push the barrel out of the slide. It is generally easier to push it up from below the slide and kind of rotate it and then pull it out

Step 5:

Push the rod through the barrel
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Take a gun cleaning patch or use a clean piece of a cut-up T-shirt if you don’t have cleaning patches. Spray it with the gun cleaning solvent of your choice, attach it to your cleaning rod and push the rod through the barrel. 

The solvent will break down in carbon fouling and remove any dirt and grime.

Step 6: 

Use your gun cleaning solvent; if you are using an aero spray, that would be ideal as it will be easier to get to the hard-to-reach places of the slide. But make sure that the slide is angeled down before you spray your cleaning solvent to prevent oil from getting into the firing pin. Too much oil in the firing pin can cause your gun to malfunction

If you are not using an aero spray, just put a couple of drops of the solvent on the slide. 

Then take your gun cleaning brush; if you don’t have one, use an old brush and start brushing the inside part of the slide. Give it a good scrub to remove powder residue, dirt, and grime, especially in tight spaces.  

Then take a cleaning patch and wipe it down outside and inside to remove all the dirt. 

Step 7:

Take a cleaning patch or your cleaning cloth, wet it with a few drops of your cleaning solvent, and then attach to your cleaning rod and pass it through your cam block to remove any carbon fouling. Then take another wet patch and wipe down the exterior part of the cam block. 

Step 8: 

Wipe down the recoil spring
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Take a cleaning patch, wet with your cleaning solvent, and wipe down the recoil spring and the guide rod.

Step 9:

Take a wet cleaning patch and wipe down the barrel. Make sure you clean the crown and cunning lugs thoroughly. Then take your cleaning rod, attach your cleaning brush to the rod and pass it through the barrel front and backward a few times to loosen all the grime and powder fouling. 

Then run a dry patch through the barrel to remove the loose dirt and powder fouling. You could choose to dab some cleaning solvent on the patch before doing this, although it’s not a must. 

Pass the patch through the barrel a couple of times; at this point, you may need to use more than one patch to ensure that the barrel is squeaky clean. 

To know that the barrel is completely clean, the cleaning patch should come out clean once you run it through the barrel. 

Step 10:

Dribble some cleaning solvent on the gun’s frame and use a cleaning patch or clean cloth to wipe the inside and the outside. Use a brush to remove any carbon fouling in the hard-to-reach areas of the slide. 

Step 11:

Next step is to lube
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After cleaning all the pieces, the next step is to lube them. Don’t use too much oil, and make sure that all the tight spots are lubed. Once your done lubing the pieces, start reassembling your firearm. Start by reassembling the slide, and then attach it to your gun, and you are done. 

Make sure you reassemble your gun properly; failure to do this can cause your gun to malfunction, which can lead to serious injury. 

Step 12

Once you have reassembled your Berretta Px4, make sure to store it in a place where no one else has access. It’s always important to exercise safety precautions even when you are not using your firearm to avoid accidents. 


To keep your Beretta PX4 Storm in good working condition, clean it as regularly as you use it. This will not only extend its life; it will also help prevent serious injury, which can be a result of your gun malfunctioning due to dirt and fouling buildup.

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