Tipton Snap Caps Review

Tipton Snap Caps Review 300

If you are new to guns, you will quickly realize that there is a lot to these handy weapons other than just shooting them, which also requires some level of skill. But thanks to all those gun experts of centuries past, today, there are nifty tools that can help you level up your gun shooting skills

One such tool is the snap cap. This is a fake cartridge that contains no primer, gunpowder, or bullet. It serves the same objective as a dummy round, and it is often used for dry-firing a gun to test for functionality.

Snap caps are also used in trigger training, where the shooter learns how to load and shoot a gun and learns how to have better trigger control. So they are pretty handy for newbie shooters and for expert shooters who want to test the functionality of a new firearm.

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The tricky part is choosing the right snap caps. Some people prefer to make their own. This is not always advisable, especially if you have little to no knowledge of making a snap cap.

Remember, guns are deadly weapons that can cause serious harm to others, property, and yourself if poorly handled.  

It is advisable to buy the snap caps and to buy from a reputable brand. That said, this brings us to the topic of Tipton snap caps. Tipton is a highly respected brand that sells firearms and firearm accessories. The Tipton snap caps have a ton of positive feedback and high customer ratings. 

This is why.

Tipton Snap Caps Features

The Tipton snap caps come in varying sizes for different calibers. They have a spring-buffered primer to absorb impact when you dry-fire your gun to reduce stress on the firing pin and barrel breech

The snap caps are useful for malfunction checking and trigger training. Many of the customer reviews state that the snaps caps are durable, they don’t leave residue, and they feed and eject. These are all traits of good snap caps, so you cannot go wrong with the Tipton models.

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The company makes snap caps for all calibers. It does not matter whether you own a shotgun, rifle, or handgun; Tipton makes these fake cartridges for all types of firearms. You may find them a bit expensive, but they are reusable. A single pack can take you a long way. 

In any case, it’s better than using live ammo, which is not reusable. Plus, there is no need to use live bullets when doing a function check or when you want to familiarise yourself with a gun


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Available for all calibers
  • Comes with a spring-buffered primer
  • Does not leave residue
  • Ideal for trigger training and malfunction checking


  • Expensive

How to choose snap caps

When choosing snap caps, ideally, the first step you should take is to find those that are designed for your caliber. Snap caps are available in different sizes for different calibers

Remember, always go with a reputable company, and although these fake cartridges are expensive, never buy snaps caps that are dirt cheap.  

Another key factor to consider is the material. Some snaps are made of plastic, and others are made of either brass or soft aluminum. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to do your research before making a purchase. 

Some people prefer to make their own snap caps; however, if you have never made one before, it would be adsivable to buy ready-made ones for safety purposes. Alternatively, you could use dummy rounds which are much cheaper, instead of snap caps.  

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Some people prefer to use live ammo. However, if you are new to guns and you are just learning how to load and shoot a gun, snaps caps would be the ideal option for such training. 

The last factor to consider is price. Snap caps are more expensive than dummy rounds, but they are the most ideal for trigger training.

The best advice would be to stick with reputable brands.

You don’t want to risk your own safety or risk damaging your firearm. It’s cheaper to buy snaps caps than to repair a damaged firearm. 


Snap caps are mainly used for dry-firing a firearm, and they are ideal for trigger training because they provide some level of safety to both the shooter and firearm.

Tip: When you go out shopping for snap caps and any other gun accessory, do your research first. See what other customers are saying about the product, as this will help you make a smart decision.

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