Tipton Gun Vise 782731 Review

Tipton Gun Vise 782731 Review 300

A clean gun is an efficient gun. If you shoot your firearm regularly, you need to clean it just as regularly to keep it in good working condition. 

Gun cleaning, especially when it comes to rifles, can be a bit daunting. For this reason, you should consider investing in a quality gun vise if you own one or more rifles. 

The purpose of the gun vise is to hold your gun in place to make it easier for you to clean it. This nifty device can ease the process of brushing, cleaning, and lubricating or fixing your firearm. 

You don’t need to fumble with your rifle trying to hold it in place with one hand while using the other to do the cleaning. First, you will not do a good job of removing all the dirt, grime, or fouling, and second, you will overwork your hands. Hence, the reason for a good quality gun vise. 

Complete set of a vise for a Tipton pistol

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That said, one of the top-quality gun vises based on customer ratings and feedback is the Tipton Gun Vise 782731. So let us take a look at why this gun vise is so beloved. 

Tipton Gun Vise 782731 Design and Features

One key feature that stands out about the Tipton Gun Vise 782731 is the design. It is a handsome device that literally screams quality. It comes in two different colors: Red and Grey.

 The gun vise is made of high-quality polymer that is durable and resistant to marring.

Every component is made of this strong material, and the jaws and cradle are rubberized to protect your gun from scratching and other damage.

The support holds guns securely, and there is a quick-release cam block for easy access. There are two adjustable offset clamping mechanisms for a firm grip on different buttstocks. The device also comes with molded-in compartments for holding screws, parts, and bottles. 

This Tipton model is ideal for rifles, shotguns, and handguns. You can use it for cleaning, building, fixing, and boresighting a firearm. As for the price, the gun vise is reasonably priced. 


  • Ideal for cleaning, boresighting, fixing, or building a firearm
  • Made of non-marring high-quality polymer 
  • Rubberized jaws and cradle for extra protection against scratching and damage
  • Quick-release cam block for easy access
  • Comes with two adjustable mechanisms for a better grip on different buttstocks
  • Comes with molded-in compartments for holding parts, screws, bottles
  • It is ideal for rifles, handguns, and shotguns
  • Stable, sturdy, secure, and durable
  • Affordable 


  • Heavy and cumbersome
  • Assembly instructions are not clear

What to consider when choosing a gun vise

Assembling a Vise for a Tipton Pistol
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A gun vise is helpful when you need to hold your gun in a secure position to clean, lubricate, or fix it. There are several reputable brand gun vises available, but every gun vise is not the same. These devices come in varying sizes, and some have advanced features

To know which gun vise to buy, here are some factors you need to consider. 

Gun vise type

Generally, there are two basic types of gun vises: Rotational and fixed. 

Rotational gun vises are ideal for cleaning firearms, while fixed gun vises are ideal for sighting. So when making a decision, let it be based on what you need the vise for most. You can buy a fixed gun vise, which serves the same purpose as a rotational vise when it comes to cleaning your firearm. 


If you own several firearms, you need a gun vise that can help you clean them all without a problem. The Tipton gun vise 782731 is one good example of a quality gun vise that can accommodate different types of firearms

You should also look at the durability of the gun vise since there are not made of the same material. Some are made of metal, and others are made of strong plastic or wood. 

Check adjustability and the clamping mechanism as well. You want a gun vise that can accommodate different buttstocks, which means it should be able to adjust easily to any buttstock. 

You could check other features, including built-in compartments for organizing your parts, screws, cleaning supplies, and quick-release elements. 

Gun-scratching qualities

This is where you need to be careful because a gun vise made of poor-quality materials might scratch your gun. So you may want to stay away from a vise that is mostly made of metal, particularly one that has metal jaws.  

Instead, consider buying a gun vise made of strong and sturdy plastic and with rubberized parts for extra protection. 

The bottom line is, you want a gun vise that will not in any way scratch your gun’s finish when cleaning or gunsmithing.


Gun vises vary in price, but if you go for the cheapest one, cleaning your gun will be the least of your problems. First of all, cheap gun vises are likely to mar your gun, and secondly, they may not do a good job at holding your firearm securely.

Application of a Vise for a Tipton pistol
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Honestly, there are devices you can pay coins and dimes for, but a gun vise is not one of them. If you want a quality gun vise that will do what it’s designed to do well without damaging your firearm’s finish, be ready to spend the extra bucks

Look at it as a worthwhile investment, particularly if you own a collection of firearms.

 If you buy one good one for cleaning your guns, you will never need to buy another one. 

Wrapping Up

If you consider buying a gun vise, check out the ratings for Tipton gun vise 782731. It is a well-made vise with some pretty cool features. You could also check out other brands and see how well they compare to the Tipton model. 

The one thing you shouldn’t do when choosing a gun vise is to buy one based on price. If you go for the cheapest vise you can find, you may quickly regret your decision. Avoid cheap vises as they may mar your gun, which will expensive to fix.

Just spend the extra cash and get yourself a quality vise that will do a good job, serve you a long time, and not damage your firearms. 

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