Best Gun Oil for Storage and Rust Prevention

Best Gun Oil for Storage and Rust Prevention

The article “Best Gun Oil for Storage and Rust Prevention 2023” by Victor Spratt, dated May 9, 2022, underscores the importance of properly cleaning and lubricating guns for their maintenance and longevity. The author emphasizes that neglecting this aspect can lead to rust and corrosion, which not only affects the accuracy and performance of the gun but can also compromise safety. The article is particularly focused on selecting the right oil for preventing rust and maintaining guns in good condition, whether they are used regularly or stored for extended periods.

To aid readers, the article reviews five top gun oils specifically for their effectiveness in storage and rust prevention. These oils are Hoppe’s 3060 No.9, Break Free BFECLP4 CLP-4, Prom 070-1453 M-Pro 7, FireClean FC2, and Ballistol 120069 Multi-Purpose. Each product is evaluated for its key features, like viscosity, ease of application, effectiveness in different temperatures, and suitability for various gun types. The article also includes a buyer’s guide, providing insights on what to look for in a gun oil, such as corrosion and rust protection capabilities, oil type (water-based or oil-based), viscosity, dispenser type, and price considerations. This guide serves as a comprehensive resource for gun owners to choose the best oil for their firearms’ maintenance and storage.

So oiling your gun does more than prevent rust and corrosion, it also prevents your gun from jamming when you shoot it. And it’s not hard to get gun oil.

There are many options available to choose from, you just need to get the most suitable oil for your gun.

And to get you started, we evaluated numerous gun oils to find out which ones are the best for storage and rust prevention. And we came up with 5 of them, and we have reviewed in this article.

We also decided to include a small buyer’s guide to give you some guidance on what to look for when choosing a gun oil.

Top Pick

Hoppe’s 3060 No.9

Hoppe’s 3060 No.9

  • High Viscosity Oil
  • Precision Applicator
  • Extra-Long Lasting

Gun Oils for Storage and Prevent Rust Comparison Chart


Hoppe’s 3060 No.9

Hoppe’s 3060 No.9Type: Lubricating Oil
14.9 ml
Features: Precision Applicator
Check Price

Breakfree BFECLP4 CLP-4

Break Free BFECLP4 CLP-4Type: CLP
4 fl oz
Temperature Range: -65F to 475F
Check Price

Prom 07-1453 M-Pro 7

Prom 07-1453 M-Pro 7Type: CLP
4 fl oz
Temperature Range: -85F to 462F
Check Price

FireClean FC2

FireClean FC2Type: Lubricating Oil
2 fl oz
Features: Reduces Friction
Check Price

Ballistol 120069 Multi-Purpose

Ballistol 120069 Multi-PurposeType: CLP
6 fl oz
Features: Water-Soluble
Check Price

Top 5 Best Gun Oils for Storage and Prevent Rust:

1. Hoppe’s 3060 No.9 Gun Oil For Storage and Prevent Rust Review

Hoppe’s 3060 No.9

Hoppe’s is one of those companies that make gun cleaners that doesn’t need any introduction.

Not to people who have owned guns for long. But the company has been producing gun cleaners and tools for decades.

And that’s why the Hoppe’s 3060 No.9 lubrication oil made it on our list.

And it’s not because it’s a Hoppe’s product but because it’s an extremely versatile oil that you can use on almost any type if not all types of guns.

The oil is highly viscid, so you can rely on it to last long thereby preventing rust and corrosion.

This is the type of oil you want to use on a gun or guns that you use occasionally because it prevents the accumulation of dirt and debris. And it also helps prevent carbon buildup.

Hoppe’s 3060 No.9 Review. Pros and Cons

That said, this oil is designed for quick cleaning. And you may need extra tools like a bore snake to help you remove all the crud.

Main Features

  • High Viscosity Oil
  • Extra-Long Lasting
  • Does Not Harden, Gum or Expire
  • Precision Applicator
  • Applicator Cap
  • Easy to Use
  • Ideal For Firearms, Fishing Reels & Precision Mechanisms


  • Easy to use
  • Cleans quickly and efficiently
  • Ideal for a wide variety of guns
  • Has a pleasant odor
  • It doesn’t gum or harden
  • It doesn’t expire
  • Comes with a precision dispenser and dispenser cap
  • It’s multipurpose


  • Some user have complained that amount is too little

2. Break Free BFECLP4 CLP-4 Gun Oil For Storage and Prevent Rust Review

Breakfree BFECLP4 CLP-4

Break Free BFECLP4 CLP-4 is one of the most popular gun oils because it does three things: clean, lube, and preserve.

It is made of synthetic oils, so it does not expire or gum even when used in harsh conditions. 

The oil is thin and it comes in a spray can for easy application.

You can lubricate hard to reach places with it and you don’t have to worry about creating a mess.

Now, some gun owners don’t like CLPs, but they do make life easier particularly when you out in the field or at the range and you need to give your gun a quick clean. 

And one of the reasons why some gun owners don’t like CLPs is because although they do help remove dirt and carbon residue, they don’t lubricate too well. But when you need to clean and lubricate between rounds, CLPs are a great option.

Break-Free BFECLP4 CLP-4 Review, Pros and Cons

Break free is designed to withstand varying temperatures. You can use it immediately after shooting your gun because it can withstand temperatures that are up to 475F.

You can also use it confidently in freezing temperatures that are not below minus 65F and it’s not going to harden.

The only problem is the form of application. Since you need to spray the oil, it can be hard to control how much it is dispersed.

So Break free has included a long attachable straw you can use to disperse the oil in small amounts and in tight places.

Main Features

  • Specially Formulated Synthetic Oils
  • Penetrates Into Every Pit & Crevice
  • Long-Lasting Lubricating Film
  • Corrosion Inhibitors Prevent the Formation of Rust
  • Protects From Moisture & Other Contaminants
  • Won’t Lose Viscosity & Dry Out
  • Works In Extreme Environments
  • Temperatures Ranging from -65F to 475F
  • Precision Dispenser
  • For Different Types Of Guns


  • Reaches the tightest of places
  • Lasts long dramatically preventing rust and corrosion
  • Can withstand temperatures that are between -65F and +475F
  • Works well in almost any weather condition
  • Prevents the rust and corrosion
  • It’s easy to use
  • Comes with a precision dispenser
  • It’s odorless
  • Ideal for different types of guns


  • You cannot control the amount of oil dispersed from the can spray

3. Prom 070-1453 M-Pro 7 Gun Oil For Storage and Prevent Rust Review

Prom 07-1453 M-Pro 7

The Prom 070-1453 M-Pro 7 LPX gun oil is an LP.

It can lube and protect your gun from rust and corrosion.

It’s not a cleaner, so to remove copper or carbon residue and dirt you would need to get a gun cleaning solvent.

You can get the Hoppe’s No.9 solvent which does a great job of loosening up crud or another cleaning solvent of your choice

This oil comes in a small bottle that has a little drip for easy application particularly in areas that are extremely difficult to reach with a basic gun cleaning tool.

The drip also helps you to control the amount of oil you use. So you don’t end up using too much oil creating a whole mess and making it hard to wipe away excess oil especially in those that are hard to reach.

M-Pro gun oil is made of synthetic oils and it also has additives that help protect your gun against rust and corrosion. It’s a thin oil, so it flows quickly and is therefore great for cleaning the action parts and bore of your gun.

Prom 07-1453 M-Pro 7 Review, Pros and Cons

Some users don’t like the smell, others don’t mind it, but one thing is for sure it does not have a strong or choking smell. So overall, M-Pro is a quality oil that you can use when you need to quickly and easily lube your gun to protect it from dirt and rust.

Main Features

  • Specifically Developed for Military Firearms
  • Combines High Quality Synthetic Oils & LPX Additives
  • Resistant to Evaporation, Separation & Gumming
  • Lowest Known Friction Coefficient
  • Cleans Surface Fouling Without Solvents
  • Leaves Protective Film that Repels Dust/Dirt
  • Temperature Range (-85°F to 462°F)
  • Excellent For Long Term Storage


  • Lube and preserver
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to control the amount of oil to use
  • Provides a protective film against dirt and debris
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • It does not gum up or harden
  • It lasts long
  • It’s ideal for rifles, shotguns, revolvers, and pistols
  • It performs well in any weather condition


  • Some users don’t like the smell of the oil

4. FireClean FC2 Review

FireClean FC2

You may or may not have heard of Fireclean FC2 gun oil, but if you are looking for an oil that can help keep your gun shooting better and cleaner, this is it.

Fireclean gun oil is odorless and non-toxic.

Some oils have very strong smells that it is impossible to use them without wearing a mask. But not this gun oil.

And the reason could be that Fireclean does not use additives in its formula.

Aside from that,  the oil effectively dissolves fouling and quickly removes any dirt and debris. You don’t need a cleaning brush to remove the fouling.

The oil does a good job of dislodging carbon and copper residue as well as dirt. You also don’t need to use much oil to do a deep clean. A few drops work like magic.

This oil is heat-resistant. You can shoot, then oil your gun almost immediately. The heat from the gun does not make the oil less effective. And the fact that it’s heat-resistant, it means that it can withstand high temperatures.

FireClean FC2 Review, Pros and Cons

So if you live in a coastal area, this oil is the type you would want for your gun. Also, its a multipurpose oil. You can use it on door tracks, bike chains, folding knives, squeaky hinges, and more.                                                                                                

Main Features

  • Superior, Long Lasting Lubrication
  • Extreme Heat Resistance
  • Odorless
  • Deep, Powerful Cleaning
  • Shields Against Carbon
  • Reduces Friction
  • Dissolves Fouling
  • Biodegradable & Non-Toxic


  • It’s biodegradable
  • It’s non-toxic
  • Cleans quickly and properly
  • Protects against carbon and dirt buildup
  • Reduces friction
  • It’s long-lasting
  • Dissolves fouling
  • It’s heat-resistant
  • It doesn’t have a strong smell


  • Does not work well in cold weather conditions

5. Ballistol 120069 Multi-Purpose Review

Ballistol 120069 Multi-Purpose

Ballistol 120069 Multi-Purpose oil is popular because you can use it not only metal but also on other materials like leather, plastic, and wood.

There are not many gun oils that you can use to preserve other materials other than metal.

So this oil is extremely versatile because you can also use it to preserve household items like furniture and some kitchen tools.

But it’s not magic oil, you can only use it to preserve certain materials excluding materials like suede.  

It is non-toxic. Ballistol uses ingredients that are not harmful to your health or the environment. So you don’t have to worry about touching or breathing harsh or toxic chemicals.

You can choose to wear gloves and a mast if you want to but with this oil, it is not necessary as it doesn’t even have a strong or toxic smell.

Ballistol is well-loved by many gun owners owing to its ability to dissolve lead, copper, brass, and carbon residue. So even if your gun has some fouling buildup, this oil can quickly help you get rid of it.

Ballistol 120069 Multi-Purpose Review, Pros and Cons

It’s not so thick, so it can easily penetrate those hard to reach areas of your gun to remove dirt. And it does not get sticky or cause friction with time. 

And what’s amazing about this product is just how fast it dissolves dirt and fouling. You don’t have to wait long for it to work. It only takes a few minutes to work its magic. After which you can use a bore snake or cleaning cloth to wipe clean the dissolved crud.

The product comes in different sizes, and they all cost differently. So you have the option of choosing the one you can afford. But they are decently priced anyway, so you can afford to buy even the biggest size.

Main Features

  • Perfect for Cleans, Lubes & Protects Metal
  • Preserves & Protects Metal, Wood, Leather & Plastics
  • Biodegradable & Water-Soluble
  • Won’t Harm the Environment
  • Slightly Alkaline In Nature
  • Neutralizes the Effect Of Sweat & Skin Oils
  • 6 oz. Aerosol Can


  • It’s biodegradable
  • Cleans, lubes, and protects metal
  • Preserves leather, plastic, and wood
  • Its alkaline nature neutralizes skin oils and sweat
  • It is easy to use
  • It’s water-soluble
  • It cleans efficiently and fast


  • Some users don’t like the smell
  • Not ideal for preserving suede

Buyer’s Guide

There are massively good reasons why you need to oil your gun. For one, when you shoot your gun, it’s not going to jam. And two, the oil protects the metal parts of your gun from corrosion and rust.

Also, oiling your gun improves its performance and gives it a long life. Now, many gun cleaning kits don’t come with gun lubes. You would need to buy one separately.

The tricky part is getting to know what to look for when selecting gun oil. And here are factors you should consider when you are out shopping for gun lube.

Corrosion and Rust Protection

Corrosion and rust are bad for your gun. If parts of your gun are rusted, be rest assured that your gun is going to malfunction.

So to avoid this, you need to ensure that your gun is properly oiled. It doesn’t matter how less often or often you use your gun, oil to keep it in mint condition for the next time you need to use it.

But keep in mind that not all lubes can protect your gun from corrosion and rust. So check to see what the label on the product says. And more importantly, read user reviews to see what others are saying about the effectiveness of the product.

Don’t trust what brands say about their gun oils. Every brand has its own marketing tactics to get users to buy its products.

So don’t just buy a product because it’s advertised as being able to prevent rust and corrosion. Do your research, talk to gun experts or professionals who know about gun cleaning products.

Get as much information as you can before you settle on a particular gun oil. It would be a waste of money to buy a gun oil that is not suitable for your gun or oil that can potentially damage your gun.

How Regularly You Use Your Gun

If you are an avid hunter who hunts regularly, you need to oil your gun as regularly as you use it to prevent crud buildup.

For regular gun users, a gun oil that removes dirt easily and prevents carbon buildup would be the ideal option. And preferably an oil that is not thick. 

For occasional gun users, a thick gun oil would be the best option because it lasts longer.

Temperature Resistance

Climatic conditions can affect the performance of your gun. When it is freezing cold, your gun can jam when you try to shoot it. So to prevent this, you need an oil that is designed for cold weather conditions.

And the same goes for warm conditions. There are gun oils that are designed to withstand high temperatures. So it all depends on the climatic conditions of where you live.

If you live in an area where the weather changes, you may need to buy more than one type of gun oil to keep your gun in proper working condition.

Oil-Based or Water-Based

There are two types of gun oil: water-based and oil-based. Both oils work well, but to get rid of copper fouling, water-based lubes are more effective than oil-based lubes.

Water-based lubes also smell better and are more eco-friendly than their oil-based counterparts.

Oil-based lubes are the most commonly used gun lubes. And they come in varying viscosities. But thicker is not better. A thick gun oil if not properly used can cause more harm than good.

If you use too much, it could damage your gun. A few drops should be more than sufficient to protect your gun from rust and corrosion.

Dispenser Type

Gun oils come with varying dispensers. And each dispenser type has its advantages and disadvantages.

If you want a gun oil with a dispenser that can allow you to get oil in difficult to reach places, a precision dispenser is the best bet.

Precision dispensers allow you to pour a small amount of oil in tight places. So they are ideal when you need to clean certain parts of your firearm.

The other type of dispenser is an aerosol dispenser. They also great when you want to tight places. The only problem is that you cannot control the amount of oil the spray disperses. And too much oil can cause damage to parts of your firearm.

The last type of dispenser is a normal dispenser that requires you to pour oil on a patch or cleaning cloth to oil your gun.

So these types of dispensers come with screw-on caps and the good thing about them is that you can control how much oil you put on a cleaning cloth or patch. But if you are not careful, you could end up pouring too much and causing a mess.


Viscosity is one of those factors you should take into account when selecting a gun oil. The reason is, a gun oil that is too viscid flows slowly, while one that is less viscous flows faster.

If you are looking for gun oil to lube the bore of your gun or the movable parts of your gun, a less viscid oil would be the best choice. Alternatively, you can choose to use a lube instead.

A highly viscid oil is great when you want to oil those parts of your gun that are easily accessible.


The gun oil that you select should be safe. In other words, it should not damage other parts of your gun that are not made of metal.

Some gun oils are too harsh and you should avoid them if some part of your gun is made of plastic, polymer, or wood.


Different brands price their products differently. You can get some reputable brands that sell their gun oil at very reasonable prices.

Hoppe’s is one of those reputable companies that provide quality gun oils and lubes at affordable prices. So when it comes to cost, it all depends on how much cash you want to spend.

But avoid overly cheap oils as they may contain water. And as you know water accelerates corrosion and rusting. So what you may end up doing is damaging your gun.

You are better off spending a little bit more for a quality gun oil.

What You Need to Know About Gun Oil

  • It can clean and lube your gun but it’s only meant for quick cleaning. For a deep clean, you need cleaning tools like bronze brushes and cleaning rods.
  • Gun oil alone is not enough to keep your gun in good working condition. Stubborn fouling needs to be scrubbed with a brush.
  • Gun oil can help prevent rust and corrosion but it cannot prevent wear and tear.
  • Avoid gun oils that contain water if you want to protect your gun from corrosion and rust.
  • Gun oils that clean, lube, and preserve in the real sense don’t lubricate well or preserve.
  • Gun oils are not meant to smell nice or have a smell. Many brands add additives to mask the real smell of the oil. Eventually, these additives separate from the oil and they can affect the performance of our gun. So if a gun oil is odorless, chances are that it doesn’t have additives that can ruin the performance of your gun.


Gun oil does not stop wear and tear, but it does help prevent wearing and tearing from occurring. What it does best is to keep the movable parts of your firearm working in good order. It also increases the longevity of your gun.

We have discussed some gun oils that are worth buying in this article. You can choose to buy one of the gun oils we have reviewed or you can go with any other that you feel you are happier with.

Best Gun Oil for Storage and Rust Prevention

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