Choose The Best Clean Gun Box

Best Clean Gun Box

Every owner of a firearm knows that it needs thorough treatment.

Proper treatment prolongs the life of a gun and ensures your satisfaction with the process of firing.

Without cleaning, a firearm can damage itself, let you down in the most responsible moment, and hurt you.

We’ve decided to post this text both for those who have just got their first firearm and professionals.

Here, you will find an overview of the five most popular gun cleaning kits available at, along with the tips and rules of careful and effective gun cleaning.

Here are our five the best gun cleaning boxes, with their pros and cons.

Top Pick

Hoppe's Elite EGCOTG

Hoppe’s Elite EGCOTG

  • Universal Chemicals
  • 5 Wired Brushes
  • Foam Gun Pad
  • Lockable Hard Plastic Case

Clean Gun Boxes Comparison Chart


Hoppe's Elite EGCOTG

Hoppe's Elite EGCOTGDimensions: 10.2 x 8 x 3.2 inches
1 pounds
Chemicals: Yes
Case: Hard Plastic
Check Price

Freetime Outdoor Universal Kit

Freetime Outdoor Universal KitDimensions: 16.5 x 10.6 x 2.8 inches
2.78 pounds
Chemicals: No
Case: Durable Plastic
Check Price

Outers 70082

Outers 70082Dimensions: 12 x 8.8 x 1.8 inches
1.5 pounds
Chemicals: No
Case: Wooden
Check Price

Prom 070-1505 M-Pro 7 Tactical Kit

Prom 070-1505 M-Pro 7 Tactical KitDimensions: 10 x 7.9 x 3 inches
2.2 pounds
Chemicals: Yes
Case: Plastic
Check Price

Otis Technology FG-1000 Elite

Otis Technology FG-1000 EliteDimensions: 16.5 x 10 x 6 inches
3.6 pounds
Chemicals: Yes
Case: Nylon
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5 Best Clean Gun Boxes (as of June, 2024):

1. Hoppe’s Elite EGCOTG Clean Gun Box Review

Hoppe's Elite EGCOTG

This one is a great universal kit for any beginner.

Hoppe’s Elite EGCOTG has got all the instruments and chemicals suitable for your first cleaning session.

Everything goes into the plastic gun case that protects and stores all the items.

Let’s look inside the contacts:

  • Five wired brushes designed for different calibers.
  • A foam gun pad that is designed to protect a gun being squeezed by a holder.
  • A cleaning rod with movable and folding handle.
  • A gun cloth.
  • Universal chemicals: Hoppe’s gun oil and Gun cleaner, Gun Medic, and Lubricating Gun oil.
  • A bore snake for an effective handgun cleaning.
  • The substances go in two variants: a bottle for domestic cleaning and eight (four for each) single-use packs for the immediate using in-the-field.

Numerous users admit that this kit is excellent for cleaning a gun. It has got everything a gun keeper needs.

Its compact dimensions (10.2 x 8 x 3.2 inches) and weight (about 1 pound) allow you are transporting it without any problems. It means that you can get it with you on a hunt and perform some immediate cleaning right after action.

There is one problem: a kit is not sufficient for a set of guns. Though it is pretty universal (different instruments can clean both rifles and handguns), it is not enough to care about several guns at once.

Hoppe's Elite EGCOTG Review, Pros ans Cons

You’ll need to buy a new kit for every weapon if you want not to bother with each purchase each several months. If you have only one gun, it is not a problem. The resource of a kit equals at least 20 cleaning sessions.

Plus, some vital chemicals (leading and coppering removers) are absent, and you’ll need to buy them separately.

Some users admit that a patch rod that comes in a set does not fit into some calibers. In a review, a Colt Umarex M-16 .22 was taken particularly.

Lots of users complain about the useless nature of a case. This plastic box has ho holders for the instruments. Every instrument and a bottle comes in a plastic ziplock bag, laying on a foam layer.

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The absence of the holders means that some fragile devices can bend or break during shipping and transportation. There are two ways out: remove everything from a kit and find new places to store its insides.

Otherwise, you can cut some foam and assemble your containers inside a case. Be careful and check if everything is OK with a new kit that has just come to you and be careful putting a case into a trunk.

Main Features

  • Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner
  • Hoppe’s Elite Gun Oil with T3
  • 5 Bore Brushes
  • 4 Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner Field Packs
  • 4 Hoppe’s Elite Gun Oil with T3 Field Packs
  • 50 Square Cleaning Patches
  • Lint-Free Gun Cloth
  • Multi-Section Cleaning Rod With Folding Handle
  • M-16-Style Utility Brush
  • Shotgun Brush Adapter
  • 0.22 Caliber Loop
  • Foam Gun Pad
  • Lockable Hard Plastic Case


  • A universal kit that holds everything you need for the minor cleaning
  • An excellent choice for an amateur
  • It can be transported with ease.
  • Extra 1-use bags with all the chemicals
  • Well-known and reliable producer


  • Not enough for several guns
  • Chemicals for “serious” cleaning are absent
  • A useless case
  • Some instruments cannot fit all the calibers and weapons

Conclusion: it is a beautiful universal kit with lots of appreciations from users — the best item to support your small gun-owning hobby. Professionals must seek more extensive choice of instruments and chemicals.

2. Freetime Outdoor Universal Kit Clean Gun Box Review

Freetime Outdoor Universal Kit

This Freetime Outdoor Universal Kit full of different instruments seems to be professional enough to satisfy all your gun cleaning needs.

At least, its dimensions (16.5″(L)*10.6″(W)) and weight (2.78 lbs) can prove that.

The set of tools and kit itself is designed more for the thorough domestic cleaning than for the “field” procedures. What’s there inside?

  • A green massive (but flat) case that has got the holders for each item. The holders are tight and specialized enough to ensure that you’ll not lose any part of a kit after your cleaning. Also, no problems with broken and folded pieces during shipping are expected.
  • A set of spear-pointed jags made of solid brass that fit all the calibers starting from .357 and finishing with .17. There are 13 jags in a set: 12 full brass jags and one brass powder jag.
  • A collection of brass rods. A producer claims that they are enforced and can last longer than other brass rods available on the market. The rods are divided into two types: three for rifle cleaning and three for handgun and shotgun cleaning.
  • In a set, you will find three brushes for more raw cleaning.
  • Nine cotton mops to remove the chemicals
  • Fourteen bronze wire brushes of different sizes and lengths to fit all the calibers.
  • Four brass loops for easy handgun cleaning.
  • Four pieces of cloth designed to polish the parts of a firearm.
  • Three muzzle guards, e.g., special caps that protect the muzzle of a gun during cleaning.
  • 50 spendable cleaning patches.
  • Three brass adapters to connect the rods with brushes.
  • Two empty plastic bottles with caps picky necks for storing chemicals.

The contents of the kit say that it has been designed for the most thorough cleaning that includes several steps. All the stages, starting from disassembling and finishing with polishing, are included.

Freetime Outdoor Universal Kit Review, Pros and Cons

The instruments inside fit the majority of calibers. They are solid and pretty reliable. However, some users admit that there are too many plastic details that can break in some time.

So, if you are having trouble with cleaning and have to push and apply excessive force, consider that.

Yet the kit cannot be considered full or universal as there are no chemicals inside. You’ll have to buy your own. The plastic bottles can be used to store cleaning and polishing oils and everything that might come in a plastic bottle.

Some chemicals, on the other hand, require metal or glass containers. Also, they come with their handy bottles. Consider it before filling the bottles that occur in the set.

The variety of patches amazes. They are different, and there are many of them. Soon you will need to buy some new to replace the dirty ones.

Main Features

  • Universal Design
  • High Quality Material
  • 50 Cleaning Patches
  • 50 Additional Cleaning Patches
  • Reinforced Rods
  • CNC Precision Machined Brass
  • Two Empty Oil Bottles
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Durable Plastic Case
  • Carrying Handle


  • Excellent set of instruments that comes inside a handy case
  • There’s everything you need to clean your gun from A to Z
  • The kit covers all the types and the majority of calibers


  • Too massive to use outdoors
  • No chemicals come with the kit
  • Plastic details may break

Conclusion: it is an excellent professional cleaning kit that will be handy both for an amateur and professional. Buy all the chemicals also and get ready to replace the expendables.

3. Outers 70082 Clean Gun Box Review

Outers 70082

The Outers 70082 is another cleaning kit containing only instruments, without any supplemental chemicals.

Yet, it is worth your attention because of several reasons.

The first and the main one – the kit comes in a beautiful flat wooden case and has got presentable appearance.

It means that you can please your fellow gun owner with a substantial present that is always needed.

Let’s look inside and find out the contents:

  • Brass rods that look hard enough to stand the most excessive pressure. They are not very flexible, though. The rods come with a plastic handle, and some users complained that it might break sometimes.
  • It is a universal brush with thick and thin hair for removing big pieces of dirt and some more delicate work.
  • Eight round brushes made of brass. They come in different sizes to fit into the majority of barrels.
  • Five woolen heads for more delicate cleaning and polishing. They differ in sizes and volumes as well, allowing you to apply the kit to different guns.
  • A set of jags. They have the form of the spear that is handy to put into a barrel. The jags are made of plastic. It can be considered both as a downfall and a virtue. They can break with ease. On the other hand, they are less likely to scratch the surface of a barrel.
  • A set of patches and mops used to clean, polish, soak, and dry a gun.
Outers 70082 Review, Pros and Cons

From the first sight, a kit does not seem to be professional. The number of instruments is not enough for the armory owners. They have to get at least five same packages to clean a large number of firearms.

Some users complained about the instruments – they did not fit into some guns. For instance, shotgun owners can face a problem: the brushes are too small.

And, again, this kit cannot be considered universal. It goes with no chemicals inside. So, consider buying extra supplies and all the bottles to assemble your gun cleaning workplace.

A wooden case is flat. It looks solid enough to store all the instruments in it. As for constant transportation, we are not sure that it will stand a couple of trunk rides.

Main Features

  • High Quality Material
  • Solid Brass Rods
  • Universal Brush
  • 8 Round Brushes From Brass
  • 5 Woolen Heads
  • Plastic Set Of Jags
  • Set Of Patches & Mops
  • Wooden Case


  • Solid kit with everything needed to clean a single gun
  • Lots of brushes and heads to fit into the majority of small calibers
  • Good presentable wooden case for storing the instruments


  • No cleaning chemicals inside – a supplemental purchase is required
  • Some details are made of plastic, so they can break during the cleaning process
  • Does not go well with all the gun types and calibers

Conclusion: Outers clean kit is a fine set of instruments. Why, despite all the downfalls, we have placed it into our top? First of all, the price is relatively low, and it gains a proper price/quality ratio. Secondly, it is a good starter set.

If you are a novice or you want to please one – this kit is a perfect gift. The majority of users admit that it is ideal for all the pistols. Do not forget to supply this kit with all the chemicals – and you’ll get a solid present for a pistol owner.

4. Prom 070-1505 M-Pro 7 Tactical Kit Review

Prom 070-1505 M-Pro 7 Tactical Kit

The Prom 070-1505 M-Pro 7 Tactical Kit is another gun cleaning kit produced by Hoppe’s company.

Like its brother kit we’ve mentioned above, this one comes as a universal set for ultimate gun cleaning experience.

It comes with all the chemicals and cleaning materials that are required for solid, 100% sure cleaning.

Let’s look inside this black plastic case:

  • Chemicals: 4 oz of branded gun cleaner, 2 oz of a universal lubricant to apply on the final stage of cleaning, and 2 oz of branded copper remover. It is considered a fast copper remover, so do not keep it on the surface for more than 15 minutes.
  • Patches: a set of 50 patches that are suitable for the calibers from .38 to .50. Also, there is one non-lint gun cloth. These expendables will be enough for about 5-10 cleans, which is quite enough for a universal kit. Soon, you’ll need to buy more.
  • One utility brush to remove the dirt from the outside of a gun.
  • Five bore brushes of different sizes.
  • A brush adapter for cleaning a shotgun.
  • One .22 caliber loop.
  • One foam gun pad (which is pretty useless, as you might have got a stand at home). Though, it can be suitable for doing an express cleaning outdoors.
  • One gun rod.
  • One case to store everything.
  • A guide on how to apply a kit.

The merits of this gun kit are apparent: it is universal indeed. Take it on a hunt and perform cleaning right after usage, without waiting for getting back home.

The kit has got a handy chemical – copper remover. Copper remains are one of the most severe issues that can harm your gun dramatically. When you are sure you’ve removed them all, you are sure your weapon is 100% safe.

The set of instruments allows you to deal with almost all calibers and types of guns. The instruments are flexible enough to replace a missing bore snake, for instance.

Prom 070-1505 M-Pro 7 Tactical Kit Review, Pros and Cons

Unfortunately, there are some demerits, though. The first one is a standard case already familiar to us. It still does not contain the holders for the instruments and bottles.

So, better find some good holders for the contains or be ready to get them from a pile after a severe cross-country ride. 

A missing bore snake can be a misfortune for those who have got used to operating it.

Still, it is more of a single-weapon set than a kit for your whole armory. You might require additional instruments, expendables, and chemicals if you want to process more than three guns regularly.

Main Features

  • M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner
  • M-Pro7 Gun Oil LPX
  • M-Pro7 Copper Remover
  • 50 Cleaning Patches (.38-.45 Caliber)
  • T-Handle Rod
  • Lint-Free Gun Cloth
  • 5 Assorted Bore Brushes (supports .22 caliber to 12 gauge)
  • Nylon Utility Brush
  • M-16 Chamber Brush
  • Shotgun Brush Adapter
  • .22 Caliber Loop
  • Foam Gun Pad
  • Lockable Gun Case
  • M-Pro7 Weapons Maintenance & Product Guide


  • It is a solid “buy-and-apply” kit
  • Copper remover is a pleasant addition
  • Reliable manufacturer


  • The case is useless for storing and transportation of a kit
  • Not so many instruments

Conclusion: this kit has its goods and bad compared to its “brother” and other kits in this list. For now, it is the fullest cleaning set. It might lack some specialized instruments, but it will do well with the majority of gun types. Both amateurs and professionals will remain pleased.

5. Otis Technology FG-1000 Elite Review

Otis Technology FG-1000 Elite

This Otis Technology FG-1000 Elite is a pretty exciting kit for gun cleaning.

The diversity of its contents and the design can be attracting someone.

A soft case contains a set of instruments and cleaning chemicals to perform A-Z gun cleaning.

Let’s look inside a bag:

  • Twenty-two bore brushes of different sizes, lengths, fibers, and shapes. They are corrosion resistant. The material is bronze. They are enough to suit all the possible calibers. Every brush comes with its plastic container.
  • The set of metal jags contains different shapes and sizes as well. They ensure various approaches to barrel cleaning according to the needs of your gun. Also, they can easily remove the obstruction of any nature.
  • Six cleaning cables of different sizes. They ensure maximal cleaning performed from breech to muzzle. However, do not forget to use a muzzle cap to protect a cut from scratches and damage.
  • Three tubes of branded cleaning and protective substances that are enough for several cleanings. In some time, you’ll need to buy more. The producer claims that the chemicals are not harmful and odorless.
  • One regular brush for the starting and regular cleaning.
  • A set of patches, mops, and pieces of cloth for cleaning, polishing, and removing excessive chemicals.
  • Finally, a bonus – a set of cleaning gear and a remedy for cleaning the optical system of a rifle. This will be very handy for a hunter. The set comes in a separate bag that can be taken into action. So, it is convenient to use it anywhere you need.
Otis Technology FG-1000 Elite Review, Pros and Cons

Everything comes inside a nylon bag containing rubber holders for all the instruments. According to the customers, this bag is one of the significant issues with this set.

It might be suitable for the transportation of a kit, but it is not proper storage. It attracts dirt and dust. Plus, it is soft, so it cannot protect the contents from physical damage. Better find a reliable container to keep all the instruments.

Having three cleaning metal cables, the producers did not put any protective caps for gun muzzles. Without a cap, you risk damaging a gun and decrease its accuracy.

Cotton patches will expand quickly, so you need to buy them separately. It is a problem with every cleaning kit. Here, they are too few.

Some details are made of plastic – they can be fragile. Do not apply too much power during cleaning.

Main Features

  • 6 Memory-Flex Cables Of Varying Length
  • 22 Bronze Bore Brushes
  • 3 Tubes Of Bio CLP
  • Otis Brass Scraper Set
  • Lens Cleaning Kit
  • Set Of Metal Jags
  • Set Of Patches, Mops & Pieces Of Cloth
  • Black Nylon Rust-Proof Case


  • Excellent set of high-quality brushes
  • Individual containers for the majority of the instruments
  • Six exclusive cables for cleaning with ease
  • Separate cleaning set for the optics of a rifle


  • The soft case that gives insufficient protection
  • Too little chemicals. You need to buy more specialized remedies and bigger bottles
  • No muzzle caps

Conclusion: it is a pretty professional and diverse cleaning kit. Add more chemicals, replace everything into a container, and buy a muzzle cap – and you’ll get an almost full cleaning station.

It might be confusing for an absolute novice, but it can become a favorite kit of every gun owner.


Can a kit clean my particular gun of a specific caliber?

If you are not sure about a gun, consult the manufacturer’s information concerning a firearm. You can also ask a seller or a gun shop owner, where a weapon has been purchased.

As a rule, kits are universal and try to cover all the calibers and gun types.

Can I use any equipment represented as a stand-alone cleaning remedy?

Probably, you cannot. Though some of the kits contain the chemicals needed, you’ll need to make some purchases (specialized instruments or remedies) for a particular gun.

Usually, these kits do not contain strong dirt and metal removers. Also, it would be nice to buy a robust finish and protection substance.

Are there any restrictions for these kits?

Some of them have special shipment and distribution limits. This information must be indicated by a producer and on the platform or website where you are making a purchase.

How to Clean Your Gun?

Do not think that we are going to preach our point of view towards the gun keep. Every gun owner treats his/her gun differently.

There are lots of theories about gun cleaning and its techniques. All we want to do is to formulate the main problems a gun owner can face.

So, Let’s define the main factors that affect a gun:

  • The mechanical wearing of threads when a bullet goes through a barrel.
  • Influence of high temperatures and pressure when gunpowder burns.
  • Influence of the aggressive environment that appears after a shot and leads to corrosion and wearing out.
  • Improper storing and irregular or insufficient cleaning.

While we cannot affect the first two statements, the third and the fourth problems can be easily removed.

After a shot, a barrel stores the products of gunpowder burn. These products create an environment that reacts with the metal of a barrel. It is the start of oxidizing chemical reactions.

As a result, a thick layer of dirt and copper appears. It can absorb moisture actively, which leads to corrosion.

Corrosion can modify the inner surface, making it more fragile and lowering the quality of a shot. So, removing this dangerous dirt is the first and the main task in every cleaning session.

Cleaning must be performed right after every usage of a gun. Try not to postpone it if it is possible. If it is not, apply some immediate remedies right after shooting. Use a remedy that removes metal scale.

What do you need for cleaning a gun? The instruments will vary depending on a type of a weapon, the kind of a barrel, etc. To learn more about your gun, in particular, see its instruction or ask its manufacturer a similar question.

Here is an approximate minimal list of the instruments:

  1. A holder. Never clean, disarm, and disassemble a gun holding it in your arms or on your knees. There are lots of special holders and vices designed to hold a firearm safely.
  2. A locking drawbar with a movable handle that fits the caliber of your weapon.
  3. A guiding rail for the rifled barrels.
  4. A pair of gloves to prevent active chemicals from harming your skin.
  5. Patches or pieces of cloth were suitable for the caliber of your weapon.
  6. Instruments for assembling and disassembling of your weapon.
  7. Chemicals for cleaning and oiling.
  8. Wire brushes (bore brushes) suitable for a caliber. They can be made of polymers, bronze, or copper.
  9. Instruction that has been attached to your weapon.

Here is a brief instruction on cleaning a gun:

  • Perform a partial disassembling of your weapon, following the instruction paper.
  • Clean all the components of a weapon from dirt and scale. Use specialized chemicals for that. Remember that these chemicals can be different: some help from gunpowder scaling, others remove the effects of leading or coppering, and some are universal. It is always better to keep a comprehensive set of remedies for better protection.
  • If it is possible, try to clean the barrel from a breech end. The quality of barrel cutoff affects the accuracy of hits dramatically, so there is no need to contact it. Carefully move the patch through the barrel and remove the locking drawbar from it. If contact with a cutoff is inevitable, use a unique protecting cap.
  • While using a locking drawbar, do not forget about a guiding rail. It will protect a barrel and a cartridge chamber from mechanical damaging and prevent all the harmful chemicals from going inside a receiver and trigger. Also, it lets you spend fewer chemicals for cleaning.
  • The next step is cleaning a gun from the copper remains (in most cases, it concerns long rifled barrels). We can divide the copper removers into two parts: “mild” (like Hoppe’s Benchrest Copper Remover) and “active” (for instance, Sweet’s 7.62). Mild remedies can be left for several hours. Active chemicals must be removed about 15 minutes after applying.
  • Only after destroying a copper layer can you be sure that the aggressive environment is deprived of its protection. After the procedure, we recommend using wire brushes again to remove the rest of the dirt. The result of proper cleaning is a clean patch that has gone through a barrel.
  • The final step is the neutralization of the cleaning of aggressive chemicals. It must be done with oil with high penetrating properties (for instance, Hoppe’s Lubricating Oil).

Assemble your gun and store it in a dry place where no dust can appear.

How to Choose a Cleaning Kit and Remedies?

This question has no direct answer, as everyone passes through their own experience with a gun, choosing and changing the chemicals and instruments from time to time.

However, some recommendations can promote your final choice:

  • First, see what the manufacturer says. Check the instruction and visit the official website to find information about your model. Usually, there they post direct recommendations concerning a choice of cleaning instruments.
  • Second, ask a seller about the devices. Sellers in gun shops can supply you with enough recommendations.
  • Surf the professional gun owners’ forums and boards to find real experience and tips concerning proper cleaning.

Despite your choice, there are some rules that you must follow:

  • Never try to make your instruments and chemicals. You probably do not look like a tiny plant that can produce safe, licensed, and efficient tools and chemicals with full control and exact recipes. Do not risk your and your gun’s lives. In this case, it is better to pay a bit more.
  • Cleaning chemicals must be designed, especially for gun cleaning. Gun owners and producers do not recommend using custom acids, cleaning chemicals, and oils (WD-40, for instance). They may seem useful for different purposes, but a gun is an exceptional environment that requires special treatment.

Everything comes with experience, and your choice of a cleaning kit for your gun will improve with time. Do not be afraid to ask questions, especially if you are an amateur in gun-owning hobby.

Keep our post in mind, as our tips are universal and will never lead to unwanted consequences.

Best Clean Gun Box

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