Mossberg 535 vs 835

Mossberg 535 vs 835-300

Mossberg is well-known for its high-quality, rugged, reliable, and affordable pump-action shotguns. Over the years, the company has continued to update its models, particularly their 500 series models.

That being said, let us look at the 535 models and the 835 models and how they differ. 

Mossberg 535 Shotgun

The Mossberg 500 series shotguns are some of the most popular shotguns. Over the years, the company has been improving them, and the pump-action 535 shotgun was one of the upgraded models.  

One of the updates on the Mossberg 535 is the lengthened receiver, which can chamber 2.3/4inch, 3inch, and 3.1/2inch shells. This is great because it gives you the flexibility to use your 535 shotgun in different situations.

Another great update is the ported barrel, which is great because it reduces recoil and facilitates rapid fire. Besides that, the Mossberg 535 is lightweight and features an ergonomic design. 

It is also fitted with twin action bars and an anti-jam elevator for smooth performance. It has dual extractors to allow it to extract more reliably. If one breaks, at least you can use the other one. Most shotguns have only one extractor, but it’s usually made of hardened steel to reduce the risk of breakage.

But having two extractors does give this model a more significant advantage over shotguns that have only one. In addition to these upgrades, the Mossberg is well-built, and it uses durable components for longevity. One of these components is the steel-to-steel lockup. 

Mossberg 535
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The company has gone a step further to ensure that the model has met the appropriate standards and is reliable enough to be used by law enforcement and the military.  

Generally speaking, the Mossberg 535 shotgun is well-made, lightweight, and designed to handle abuse. Some users have stated that it is also easy to clean and that it can withstand harsh conditions.

Mossberg 835

The Mossberg is a pump-action shotgun that accepts 2¾ inch, 3inch, and 3½ inch shells, which makes it ideal for turkey and waterfowl hunting. It’s an all-purpose gun and comes with a 28-inch over-bored barrel, which reduces recoil and improves accuracy.

In addition, the barrel has 10 ports that expel excess gas, reducing felt recoil and preventing over-heating.

It is important to mention that you should not shoot slugs with this barrel as it can damage it and even cause bodily injury.  

That said, the model comes with a full choke that helps keeps the pellets in a uniform pattern when shooting at long ranges, and it uses a front fiber optic. 

Mossberg 835
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Besides that, the molded polymer frame and stock are well-built and sturdy. The receiver is made of aluminum, and the bolt is made of steel. There are two steel action bars, dual extractors, a fixed ejector, and an action release.

In short, it’s a great hunting shotgun that is well-built, sturdy, rugged, and durable. Furthermore, it comes with a 10-year warranty, which is a huge plus point. 

However, one of its downsides is that it’s heavy and, therefore, not the best gun option when it comes to portability, particularly when you are out in the field hunting and you need to move from one place to another. Also, it’s expensive. 


The Mossberg 535 is a standard 12-gauge shotgun, while the 835 model is a 10-gauge. Also, the 835 model utilizes an over-bored barrel, while the 535 does not, and because of this, the 835 provides better and more uniform patterns. But, some users say they don’t see much of a difference in how both shotguns shoot. 

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Both have ported barrels, but the 835 is heavier and more expensive than the 535 models. Aside from that, both shotguns don’t have many differences. They are both durable, tough, reliable, and ideal for hunting geese, turkey, and waterfowl.

Final Remarks

Both the Mossberg 535 and 835 have their advantages. The 535 model is lightweight, durable, and it shoots great. The Mossberg 835 shoots a little better than the 535 because it uses an over-bored barrel. 

The differences between these two shotguns are not many. Ultimately, when deciding which one to buy will depend on your pocket and your needs. That said, they are both great for hunting geese and waterfowl.  

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