10mm vs 41 Mag

When comparing cartridges, you need to consider factors like weight and energy because both these factors play an essential role in how much kinetic energy a bullet produces. 

Many shooters tend to compare the 10mm to the .41mag, and as it goes, they all have different opinions as to which is more powerful. To understand these cartridges more and how they differ, we have reviewed each one and highlighted their differences.  


The 10mm cartridge is considered to be powerful, more powerful than a standard .357 magnum cartridge. It propels a 180-grain, 40 caliber bullet at 1200 feet per second; this is why it’s considered as a high-velocity cartridge. 

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This means it can hit a moving target at a long distance because its flight path is less curved upon firing. Ideally, because of its power, it’s not ideal for newbies. 

The semi-automatic, rimless cartridge is loaded in a variety of full-size semiautos like the Glock 20, Ruger SR 1911, and Remington R1 Hunter. It is the preferred cartridge for hunting, tactical use, and personal defense

41 Mag

The .41 mag was invented in the 1960s by Elmer Keith, who is well known for making the .357 magnum in the 1930s. It is a rimmed cartridge designed for revolvers, and it falls between the .44 mag and the .357 mag.

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The .41 mag is slightly heavier and wider than the .357 mag and slightly lighter and narrower than the .44 mag. It has a velocity of between 1300 and 1600 feet per second. Generally, it has more energy than a .357 mag, which means it’s more powerful. It allows quick and accurate follow-up shots, which makes it an ideal choice for self-defense. 

Compared to the .44 mag, the .41 mag has less recoil, and therefore, shoots better. However, the heaviest load a .41 mag can hold is the 256-grain bullet, while a .44 mag can hold a 300-grain bullet. Nevertheless, the .41 has adequate power to bring down big game. 

The .41 mag is designed for large-frame revolvers like the Ruger Redhawk and Smith and Wesson 57 and 657 models.

It is the cartridge of choice for many hunters because its powerful, accurate, and has less recoil. 


The 10mm cartridge is designed for pistols, while the .41 mag is designed for large frame revolvers. Besides that, the .41 mag has a slightly higher velocity than the 100mm. The .41 on average has a velocity of 1280 feet per second, while the 10mm has a velocity of 1200 feet per second.   

In addition, the 10mm has a muzzle energy of 550 foot-pounds, while the .41 mag has a muzzle energy of 760 foot-pounds. This means that the .41 Mag has more felt recoil than the 10mm. 

The 10mm cartridge is designed for pistols, while the .41 mag is designed for large frame revolvers
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Lastly, the .41 mag is heavier than the 10mm, which means it has more speed, more pressure, and better ballistics than the 10mm. 

Which is better?

The fact that both cartridges load into totally different firearms, deciding which one to go with comes down to your needs. It all depends on your shooting situation. Both cartridges are great for hunting and target shooting. 

When it comes to self-defense, some shooters prefer the .41mag to the 10mm, and others prefer the 10mm to the .41mag. 

Final Remarks

Both the 10mm and .41 mag in different ways have their abilities. They may differ in muzzle energies and weight, but they are ideal options for self-defense, tactical shooting, and hunting.  Although some shooters prefer one to the other, choosing which one serves you best depends on your shooting level of expertise and your shooting situation.  

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